Rhubarb Buckle with Ginger Crumb
Adapted from "Rustic Fruit Desserts" by Cory Schreiber and Julie Richardson Ingredients Butter or favorite fat, for greasing the pan     Ginger Crumb Topping 1/3 cup granulated sugar ¼ cup all-purpose flour ¼ cup fin
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Tiffany's Turnips
Ingredients2 bunch turnips, quartered (greens removed and set aside) 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 TBSP plus 1 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh ground pepper and sea salt, to taste   Directions Preheat oven to 425 degrees.    Put quar

Roasted Asparagus Soup
Recipe Courtesy Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen Click here for website           Ingredients 2 pounds asparagus, ends trimmed 2 cloves garlic, peeled 1/2 small onion, sliced 2 cups warm vegetable broth or "no-chicken" b
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Anne Esselystyn's Kale Lemon Sandwiches
Rip Esselystyn (Anne's Son), author of "The Engine 2 Diet"    Kale/Lemon Sandwiches--the Ultimate in Health We had been traveling and longed for GREENS, and when we got home only KALE was in the refrigerator. Lucky us for that day!This s

Cool & Crunchy Radish and Spring Turnip Salad
Recipe Courtesy Eggs On Sunday Blog    Ingredients 12 small radishes, thinly sliced 3 small salad/spring turnips, thinly sliced 1/4 teaspoon toasted sesame oil 1/2 teaspoon rice vinegar juice of half a lime 1 tablespoon chopped chives coa
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Rhubarb Bread Pudding and Whiskey Sauce
  Pudding:   4 eggs 1 cup milk 1 cup half  & half cream ¼ cup sugar 1 tsp vanilla pinch of salt 5 cups day-old cinnamon bread, cut into ½" cubes 1lb rhubarb (about 6 hefty stalks), washed and cut into 1/2"
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Butternut Squash Ice Cream

Apple Tarte Tatin
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Parsnip Chowder
A perfect soup for sweet, winter parsnips.
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Rhubarb Slush
A pretty, pink and frothy party drink
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Peach Muffins
by permission of Cold Cereal & Toast food blog

Summer Squash
Includes:  Patty Pan, Scallop Squash, Yellow Crook neck, Yellow summer squash, and Zucchini.  Summer squash do not have as many nutrients as winter squash.  Most nutrients are in the peels so never peel summer squash.  Summer squa

Zucchini Rolls
Slice zucchini lengthwise into 1/8 inch slices after trimming off ends. Toss with ground black pepper and garlic powder. Microwave on high 2-3 minutes or steam 3-4 minutes or until flexible enough for rolling. Uncover, drain, and toss zucchini wi
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Zucchini with Sour Cream and Dill
Stir until well combined: ¾ c. sour cream, ½ c. thinly sliced onion, 1 tbs fresh dill leaves, 1 tsp sugar. Cut up 2 medium zucchinis into bite-sized1/8 inch thick slices and toss with marinade and salt to taste. Chill 1 to 8 hrs.
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Zucchini Sticks
Preheat over to 375.  These are quickest to make if you have a french fry cutter. If not then begin by cutting off zucchini ends and basically you want to make french fry shaped stickes.  Mix together seasoned bread crumbs with parmesa
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Zucchini Pizza
Oil cookie sheet. Slice zucchini lengthwise in strips about 1/3” thick and arrange on sheet. Top with tomato sauce and shredded cheese. Bake until tender and just becoming leathery.
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Zucchini Crabcakes
Shared Recipe from Kristy Knobloch, BGF CSA Member
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Zucchini Lasagna
Easy to make without a lot of bother. The secret is: don’t cook the pasta. Preheat your favorite tomato sauce. Slice zucchinis 1/4” thick in rounds or lengthwise. Mix 1# ricotta cheese with 1/2c minced parsley. Brush bottom of baking dish
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Zucchini pancakes
Shred zucchini, add some salt and allow to drain while sitting in a colander for 1 hour. Press down on zucchini to get rid of some water. In a large bowl adds 2 eggs, fresh shredded parmesan cheese, finely broken bread crumbs, shredded zucc
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Zucchini & Carrot Layer Bake
Cook, mash and season about 1 1/2 #carrots. Saute diced onion and 3 c. diced zucchini in 3 tbs oil. Add 1 c. finely chopped almonds or sunflower seeds, 3/4 c. wholewheat breadcrumbs, 1 beaten egg, 1 tbs soy sauce, and mixed herbs to taste. Put 1/2 t
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Zucchini Bread
3 Eggs 1 Cup Butter 2 Cup Sugar 1 Tablespoon Vanilla 2 Cup Grated Zucchini 3 Cup Flour 1 Teaspoon Salt 1 Teaspoon Baking Soda 1/4 Teaspoon Baking Powder 1 Tablespoon Cinnamon Nuts on top is optional Bake in 2 greased loaf pans at 325 for 1
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Spaghetti with Zucchini & Lemon
In 2 tbs olive oil saute about 4 cups sliced zucchini or summer squash (1/3" thick) and 4 cloves minced garlic until zucchini begins to brown. Sprinkle with dash of salt and pepper. Add juice of 1 lemon and 6 large leaves of basil cut into strips
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Soba noodles with carrot and zucchini
Makes 4 servingsThis can be a main dish or a side salad.    3-4 tablespoons fresh lime juice                        
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