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Spiced Yogurt with Blackberries

This is the perfect dish for rich, sweet summer blackberries. The richer and sweeter the berry, the better for this recipe. I used a good sweet curry spice, but any sweeter Indian spice blend will work, such as vindaloo or garam masala. Below are the measurements I used, but always season to taste - start with less and add till it tastes right to you (will vary depending on the strength and kind of spice you use)

2 c. whole yogurt
1 t. sweet curry powder (or vindaloo or garam masala)
1 - 2 T. honey
the sweetest, juiciest blackberries you can find

Mix yogurt, spice, and honey together and serve into four bowls. Add a couple handfuls of blackberries to each, then sprinkle a smidge of the spice on top for garnish.

Anna Tulou

Spiced Yogurt with Blackberries

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