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Rustic China Choy Sizzle

Rustic China Choy Sizzle

China choy can be cooked & enjoyed like bok choy, kale, chard, or any other hearty greens.

·          4  large Italian sausage links ( or 1 pack tofu, cubed)

·          Large white onion - chopped

·          Head of china choy

·          1/2 cup white wine or water

·          Olive oil, salt & pepper

Sauté onion in 1-2 T of olive oil in a large frying pan until transparent, add sausage links or tofu.

Wash china choy, getting rid of outer leaves.  Slice remaining leaves & stems (it may seem like a lot of choy, but the leaves will shrink down significantly once cooked. 

Once sausage or tofu is browned, add china choy plus wine or water and salt & pepper to taste.  Cover and cook until china choy is tender, adding more wine/water if necessary.

Serve with rice or crusty bread. Enjoy!

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