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Cucumber and Fennel Chilled Summer Soup

Cucumber and Fennel Chilled Summer Soup

Here are the ingredients used, but not in exact amounts as this soup is prepared by doing multiple batches in the food processor and this often is done by taste and eye. All batches after blending or then poured out into a large bowl to be stirred, served, and or cold stored. 

I will list approxiamte amount for one very small batch that would feed 2 very small portions.  Then, if you are planning on serving more than 2 small portions then you can just make multiple batches.

Ideally have your cucumbers and fennel already chilled, which is normal as these are kept in the fridge generally.

1-2 cucumbers depending on size (skin, seed, and all) Cut into very large chunks. {(I have used green finger cukes, which gives the soup nice green speckles and then I did one by using the Poona Kheera and Crystal Apple Cucumbers, which gave the soup golden specks)}

1/2 of a Fennel Bulb and 1/2 of the stem and Fronds

1/4 of an apple

1/2 cup of lime basil leaves (chop a few leaves yourself and set aside for garnish)

Heavy Splashings of White Wine Vinegar

4 Very Very large spoon fulls of Nancy's low-fat organic yogurt

~1/2- 1 T of honey

~1/4 cup of sunflower seeds (have a few more sunflower seeds to sprinkle over the top of the soup as a garnish)

1-2 T of olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

sprinkling of nutmeg and cinnamon

After all the above is in the processor you should let them blend for a while to get the batch into a thin liquidy mixture.  If you feel as if your batch is to thick then try adding more vinegar, yogurt, and/or olive oil till it is pleasing to your desired thickness and taste. 

Chill and serve.




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