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Cabbage Slaw with Carrot Ginger Marmalade


Cabbage, shredded                                          3 cups

Red Onion, sliced thin                                       ½ medium

Cilantro, chopped                                             3 T.

Carrot Ginger Marmalade                                 ½ cup

Sesame Oil                                                       1 t.

Almonds, toasted and chopped             ¼ cup

Rice wine vinegar                                              ½ cup

Salt                                                                  tt

Cracked  black pepper                                     tt



  1. Toasted almonds:  325 degree oven.  Toast whole almonds, approx. 8 minutes.  Chop coarsely
  2. Combine cabbage, onion, cilantro in a bowl
  3. Combine marmalade, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar.  Mix
  4. Add marmalade dressing to cabbage slaw. Taste.  Add salt and pepper.  Mix gently.
  5. Top with Almonds.  Serve


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