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Fried Beets n Carrots
White Bean & Chard Soup
Ziti with Chard
Chard Salad Morocco
Swiss Chard Pie
Chard Pesto
Baked Acorn Squash with Herbed Stuffing:
Swiss Chard & Tomatos
Don & Becky's Swiss Chard Ideas
Chard over Beans and Rice
Chard Tart
Chard with Beet Vinegar
Milanese-style Chard
Pasta with Beets & Swiss Chard
Risotto with Chard & Winter Herbs
Vegetarian Enchiladas
Good Greens
Warm Greens Salad
Sauteed Tender Greens
Greens with mustard cream sauce
Garden Patch Lasagna
Chard or Kale Enchiladas
Swiss Chard with Middle Eastern Savor
Basic Cooking Greens Method
Chow mein
Spinach or chard with chickpeas
Pasta with chard and feta
Soba noodles with swiss chard, ginger and pine nuts
Rainbow Chard Gratin
Summer Vegetable Stew